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Focus on Your Core Vision. We’ll Handle the Rest.

Struggling to find the time to handle the non-core functions of your business? Marketing, IT, accounting, business development, and HR are all essential for continued growth, but it can be difficult for SMBs to keep things moving forward while simultaneously handling core aspects of the operation.

Consultant Vue can help. Our innovative on demand consulting platform connects businesses like yours with verified subject matter experts that know what it takes to guide you toward peak efficiency and sustained long-term profitability.

Enjoy Speedy Access to On Demand Consultants

Searching for on-demand consulting services doesn’t have to be complicated. Leveraging a deep pool of talented independent consultants, Consultant Vue instantly provides 3 vetted, relevant options for you to choose from.

Increase Your Network, Not Your Stress Levels

Our comprehensive vetting and screening process ensures that each consultant is as reliable, trusted, and dependable as what you’d find on your existing network. The only difference? We’re faster and have access to more options.

Confidently Embrace the Future of Work

Embracing the Future of Work (FOW) helps organizations of all sizes boost profitability and performance. In addition to making it easier for your team to hire talent on demand, we also provide free FOW insights and tools.

Business and Financial

Ready to take things to the next level? Long-term profitability starts with an effective growth strategy and framework for continued success. An experienced, result-oriented business consultant can help with that.

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Brendan Kokinda

Executive Director

Project Manager

Project Plans

Data Analysis


“Executive Director for Saorsa, LLC, a business and construction management consu...”

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Steve Sheridan

Compassionate Efficiency Consultant



Best Practices


“"Yet it cannot be called talent to slay fellow-citizens, to deceive friends, to ...”

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Craig Hosmer


Data Analysis




“Defense and management consultant”

Computer and Information Technology

Need help navigating new developments in machine learning, blockchain, and Web3? Our specialized tech consultants can help you turn exciting new technologies into an opportunity for long-term growth.

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Max Kryzhanovskiy






“I work closely with my team to build a great culture and to help our clients fro...”

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Moneeb Awan

CEO, Rezaid (Digital Agency)





“Technology entrepreneur with 20+ years in the industry, having switched from car...”

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Grayson Lowe




Software as a Ser...


“Dynamic Green Radiance LLC is a management services company with expertise in as...”