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You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to be successful and you don’t need an Ivy League education to offer insight. Consultant Vue cuts through the noise to help skilled consultants and enterprising Small to Medium Size Businesses (SMBs) connect with maximum efficiencies and ROI.

Through experience working as independent consultants, and experience hiring independent consultants as business owners, the Consultant Vue team understands the consulting world from all angles and knows that the current status quo is outdated.

Consulting firms, job boards, recruiting agencies, and other middlemen prioritize their own needs rather than that of their client companies and consultants, resulting in a significant gap in hiring. Companies don’t get the right consultants at the right value, while consultants don’t get the positions or clients they want at the right compensation. Nobody ultimately wins (except the middlemen).

We founded Consultant Vue to cut out the middlemen, providing talented independent consultants and client companies with a better way to connect.

At Consultant Vue, we maximize the efficiency of hiring expert consultants, while cutting costs in half.

How we help consultants

Tired of working with middlemen or struggling to attract high-value clients because you didn’t attend Harvard twenty years ago? You’re not alone. There is also a significant gap in the way the market evaluates independent consultant talent. We created Consultant Vue to help with that.

Our platform lets you showcase your abilities and connects you directly to the companies that require your insight. Put simply, we’ve replaced the drawn-out application process with cutting-edge tech innovation. The best part? Consultant Vue is 100% free to join as a consultant – we don’t take a cent out of your pocket.

How we help client companies

When you hire an independent consultant, you want to get your money’s worth, particularly if you are operating on a budget. If you are hiring through a job board, consulting firm, or recruitment agency, that is not always the case – often, your money is taken out of the hands of the consultant and stuffed directly into the pocket of a middleman. The problem? It’s hard to find and evaluate talent without these current middlemen.

At Consultant Vue, we offer a better way forward and charge companies a flat percentage for access to a qualified, vetted pool of expert consultants. When more of your money goes directly to the consultant, you get better insights (and save a lot of money in the long run).

Where Values Meet Results

Consultant Vue delivers results for independent consultants and clients by emphasizing the following core values.



We’re a technology company on the surface, but at the end of the day, everything we do here at Consultant Vue is about helping people through innovation.



Anyone can say they deliver results. We’re among the select few that can back up our claims with measurable results. We help consultants find rewarding, high-paying work and we help companies boost their per hire ROI by 5x or more.



Any honest service is always 100% transparent about fees, pricing, and business practices, and Consultant Vue is no exception. We’re not afraid to let you peek behind the curtain because we are proud of everything that we do.



Our job matching platform combines cutting-edge automation technology with industry-leading human insights to deliver an innovative experience for consultants and hiring companies alike.



Contracts might be negotiable, but integrity is not. We’re proud to provide consultants and company representatives with an honest, transparent hiring platform where integrity reigns supreme.

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